This is me…

I actually felt I needed to pluck up the courage to even tell my husband I was thinking about writing a blog. And that is very unusual in our relationship,..I usually empty my heart out to him on a daily basis. But there is something about putting ‘pen to paper’ in a public place that seemed quite a strange thing to want to do. So I mulled it over. Kept mulling it over. Nearly came clean and uttered the words so many times. But stopped myself to mull it over some more.

The reason I kept mulling it was because I just couldn’t answer the question ‘Why will your blog be any different to all the other blogs out there?’. Of course, when I finally did tell my husband, he didn’t ask that. He didn’t question it for a moment. He knew why. It would be a hobby. When I voiced the question I was dreading, he said, “There isn’t anyone else like you in the world”. And when you glimpse yourself through the eyes of someone who loves you, you feel the courage and the pride to do anything.

So here I am. The day after I told my husband that I might want to start a blog. Sitting at my kitchen table while Chloe (14 months) eats her lunch and chatters away and Ruth (turning 4 in the next few days) plays with play-doh and little figures from the movie Frozen while singing her heart out.

I am Jessica. A mummy to two beautiful girls. A wife to Francis. A teacher who didn’t return to work after having Ruth. A daughter. A sister. A homemaker. An Instagrammer. We live in a 500 year old cottage in a little village in the Oxdfordshire countryside and I plan to document some of our adventures and my thoughts on motherhood and raising two daughters.




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