Family handprints

Last year, on Father’s Day, we each painted a bird house. It was a beautiful summer day (you probably remember virtually the whole English Summer falling on the Father’s Day weekend in 2017!). We started painting in the garden and then carried on inside when the weather got too hot. It was a lovely thing to do and the birdboxes are now hanging inside our summerhouse. A little snapshot of our family.

Today, brings us a rainy January weekend, on the run up to Ruth’s 4th birthday. We have a set of four photo frames hanging above our kitchen table for Ruth and Chloe’s artwork, which I change with the seasons. Over the last few weekends, we’ve done a few bits to add some springtime colour and cheer as the weather has felt a little bit grotty. Today, virtually seven months after our birdboxes, we set about filling our last frame with our family handprints, biggest to smallest.

Ruth particularly enjoyed chosing everyone’s colours and painting Mummy and Daddy’s hands. We left the paint to dry in between handprints (ten minutes near our aga was perfect). It was a nice quick thing to make and Ruth was engaged throughout. **Ever found that it takes longer to get the paint supplies out than it takes for a child to enjoy painting a picture?! Well I have on occasion!**


So in amongst playing with kinetic sand (which is just so weird!) and dolls and puppets and musical instruments, we were all together in our playroom, with the fire on, whiling away an afternoon and making something I know once spring turns to summer, I will be tucking away safely for a very long time.


I used some WHSmith card for acrylic paints. It is thick with a beautiful linen feel to it. We always use Scola paints at home. I bought a set of big bottles of it when Ruth was tiny and I think they will probably last us for most of our crafting days!  Initially I had planned to overlay all our handprints largest to smallest, but after a test run, I really couldn’t see the prints clearly enough. We found the less overlapping the better.

Let me know if you try this or if you have any summer crafting ideas for our frames!

3 thoughts on “Family handprints

    • How lovely Elizabeth 😊! Last year I used some of the things Ruth brought back from preschool to fill the frames, but it is so much nicer filling them with things we have done as a family and the tracing the hand is a lovely idea, thank you 😊 xx


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