Super quick Valentine’s Day cards

I’m a Valentine’s Day fan, in as much as it is a nice excuse to set aside a little extra time to feel grateful for the people you love; to make a nice meal to share with your family or to tuck the children up in bed and make something special for you and your partner. That being said, Valentine’s Day is coming up fast and I have no plans whatsoever in place…I had better take my own advice and think of a nice meal to cook!

What I have done already, is to make some really quick Valentine’s Day cards with Ruth. They are going to double up as thank you cards for her birthday presents and we have made enough to send to immediate family and her Godparents; a little extra love and something to make them smile. They were inspired by the cards Lauren, from @huntersandheels, made with her little boy a few weeks ago and shared on her Instagram stories. I thought it was such a lovely idea and while the girls and I were in the process of having a little sort of our study, we found lots of lovely coloured paper and card. I love making cards with Ruth. While we do some crafting for the sake of crafting, I really like having reasons behind what we do (it means we have a place in mind to put what me make from the start!).

We used A4 cream card, cut to A5 and folded for the cards and a piece of dark pink and light pink paper. I folded both sheets of pink papers a number of times, before drawing some half hearts in the folds and cutting them out. I thought it had been a bit of a waste of paper, so I also cut some hollow heart halves too. It was so quick doing it this way, and with little Chloe in tow, the quicker the better so that Ruth can get on and I can keep Chloe occupied. Ruth did pretty much everything, although needed a little help sticking on the hollow hearts so that they didn’t get too bent out of shape. A few dots of glitter glue (as I have one sparkle loving girl) and we were very proud of our work.


Have you got any go-to craft ideas that work well for a toddler with a little one in the mix? We are big fans of card making and play dough, but Ruth is also a fan of just practicing her cutting (which is brilliant for fine motor skills) and she always checks what she’s allowed to cut; advantageous when she brings you a Christmas cheque to check!

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