Mindfully Gifting

Last Christmas I had a wobble in the checkout at Aldi. Just a quiet wobble to myself…not a throw myself on the floor tantrum. I was looking at Christmas pictures with in built led lights designed to replace the normal pictures on walls during the festive season. And the sheer volume of stuff just struck me. Stuff everywhere. That feeling has stayed with me over the last few months. It has made me think twice about what I’m buying. It has made me think twice about where I’m buying from. It has made me think twice about how I am gifting.

My girls have more toys than they can play with, and far more than they need. A couple of weeks ago I was tidying up the house and getting extremely stressed about the amount of stuff we have accumulated, when the postman knocked on the door. I muttered under my breath, “if that is one more thing to put in this house I am going to scream”. He handed me a parcel, and it had my name on it. That feeling of frustration disappeared as I wondered who had sent me something and my heart quickened a little as I wondered what it might be. Carefully wrapped in pink and white tissue paper was a selection of things from an independent shop on Instagram, La Juniper.

501EB761-755F-474A-9A35-96A57402185F.jpegThe items were sent to me to try and nothing was asked of me in return, but it was so thoughtful and made me feel so lovely, that I really wanted to share them with you. Receiving this parcel has reminded me so clearly of why we give gifts; to show someone how we feel. To make someone feel lovely or appreciated or cared about. Don’t get me wrong…not every gift is created equally…some gifts can make you feel the opposite. I am a firm believer in only giving something that you would love to receive yourself, or at least something you know that other person will love…otherwise what on earth is the point? It wastes money, time and resources.

So…down to the parcel.

The Green Balm by Moa. Anything that is called magic I’m sceptical of. I don’t have the greatest skin, much to my annoyance and disappointment, but this little pot can be used for all sorts of things. I decided to use it as a facial moisturiser. A bit risky as the Bobbi Brown cleansing oil that is meant to help everyone definitely makes my skin worse, but as I hadn’t realised this balm was largely made of natural oils, I went into it blindly. I’ve been usuing it for a week, after my usual cleanse and tone with Liz Earle…and, while it hasn’t magicked every spot away, I really rather like it. It doesn’t have much of a scent, but I love how it feels when it goes on to my skin, and my skin definitely feels softer. I think it has eased some of the reddness on my face and it is meant to be very good at healing scars, so I am very eager to keep using it. We’ve also used it on insect bites and it certainly soothes them. I think the little pot will last me quite some time, but I can see it being something I will purchase in the future.


The Fortifying Green Bath Potion by Moa comes in a green glass vile, which certainly looks potion like. It smells amazing. Certainly of peppermint, which is clean and uplifting. Francis and I had certainly gotten ourselves feeling run down over the last couple of months. Our last holiday felt like such a long time ago, so I saved this for the start of our holiday in Devon. It didn’t disappoint, it really does smell lovely.

Next there were three tea samples from Avantea. These looked beautiful. My favourite had to be the Cream of Earl Grey. It is so pretty with dark leaves and blue cornflower petals…and it smells utterly gorgeous. I usually only drink camomile tea, but this was absolutely beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

0DC83F7E-563A-4F36-BD54-EC56D56A3C80Lastly two wooden beech spoons for my two girls. This little extra really made me feel so special. Given to me because Eliza knows from my Instagram that I bake with my girls. How a person I hardly know could give such a thoughtful gift is really quite something. They are just like the spoons I remember baking with when I was a child. They are made from sustainbly sourced wood from European forests crafted by families in Slovenia. We will have a lot of fun using them together, and they will remind me of Instagram days.

My parcel from La Juniper was incredibly kind and made me feel wonderful. I have enjoyed using the products such a lot. It is so lovely to buy from an independent shop…it makes everything much more personal. La Juniper prides itself in sourcing ethical and sustainable items both from the UK and abroad. I very cheekily asked for a discount code that I could share with you, and the lovely Eliza has given me not one, but two codes, both are valid until the end of June.

home5 for free shipping and £5 off a spend of £35

home20 for 20% off

Both codes are not valid on dropship items (these are items sent directly from suppliers). Have a little mooch around the website and I’d love to know if you try anything.


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