Made with Love: Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags

Crafting with my girls is something I love to do. Pegging up, framing, sticking up their masterpieces in the house brings a smile to their faces and mine. But, there is only so much room and so much time before the artwork becomes invisible as we pass it. Making wrapping paper and gift bags means the girls can get crafty or do some painting and it has a use, other than display. We do it with someone in mind, so there is no doubt that it is made for that person with a whole lot of love. Here are three simple ideas for making wrapping paper or gift bags with children (or of course on your own 😉).

1. Paint Stamping Wrapping Paper

We used large A2 sheets of plain, white paper (given to be by my Mum as leftovers from her calligraphy days) and foam stamps I picked up from Sainsburys a few years ago. I’ve gotten wise to the paint colours that go well together without creating a mass of brown. A selection of blue, red, purple, pink and silver is a very safe bet.

The girls did a sheet of wrapping paper each. Chloe (1) with guidance, but Ruth (4) had free rein.

If you don’t have any stamps suitable for paint, then we’ve also made wrapping paper with handprints…and it worked beautifully.

2. Butterfly Gift Bags

We had some plain white paper bags left over from Ruth’s birthday party in February and we made the ladies at her preschool a selection of homemade gifts as thank yous for their kindness and support over the last two years. So it seemed fitting that we decorated gift bags for them. Ruth had been asking to paint butterflies so I saw a good opportunity…

I folded the paper bags in half (but left the handle unfolded) and Ruth splodged paint mainly on one side of the bag. After folding and smoothing the paint (outwards from the middle tends to give the best butterfly shape and means the actual painting can be as random as wanted) I am always so impressed by how beautiful the patterns are.


What’s more, with the left over paint, I was delighted by how Ruth set about mixing and swirling and talking about how the colours mixed and what colours the paints made when the were mixed. It really felt like a lovely activity and Ruth chose which of her preschool ladies would get which bag.

3. Pressed Flower Wrapping Paper

For her birthday, Ruth was given a set to press flowers. It is just a cardboard set (I still have the wood and cardboard one I was given as a child) but it works really well. It was lovely to go around the garden, picking little flowers. We picked some violas, clematis, buttercups and aquilegia…really just anything we could find in faily late spring.

11C99702-D129-464B-82AE-B7839D616FCEThe flowers took a couple of weeks to properly press and dry. Once they had, we wrapped up the gift in plain white paper and used a glue stick to stick the flowers in position. The gift was an easy shape, which I think would work best with the fragile flowers, and I think wrapping the present before sticking on the flowers was the right thing to do. We only stuck flowers on the front side of the present, but I think it looks lovely. And Ruth, having just seen the photo, says, “I think we should make that, that’s my present”.

Leave me a comment, or tag me on Instagram if you get a chance to try any homemade wrapping paper or gift bags. I would love to hear how you get on.

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