Making the most of Summer

My darling husband gets one afternoon off a week. Usually, we have filled that precious time with diy, cleaning, admin, gardening and all sorts of other things five times over. It is precious time, but we seem rather time poor in general at the moment…the to-do lists grow more quickly than items get ticked off and in the blink of an eye summer will be over and Ruth will be at school for more Wednesday afternoons than she isn’t. So, for this Wednesday afternoon, we decided to make sure we had a beautiful picnic lunch together…and I think it was pretty much perfect.

Organix found my blog and offered to send me some of their new healthy snacks in return for a review in a blog post. Our beautiful summer and a special picnic seemed just the right time to break out the treats for the girls. Chloe liked the cheesy pea snaps, while Ruth liked the cheese and onion lentil hoops. Both really adored the fruit and seed bites…so much so that Francis was holding them slightly out of reach and there was much entertainment while the girls tried to grab hold of them.

Sometimes I need a little push to make something really special. Special rolls wrapped in brown paper and a different washi tape for each person.

Pieces of melon which we just love in summer…my Mum always used to cut them into smiles for me and my brother.


A smoothie and our Organix snacks finished it off perfectly. We sat under our old apple tree and made lunch last for as long as we could.




I hope you find time for some extra little summertime moments here and there. Eating meals with children can be a whirlwind of food and extra requests…but, just occasionally, everything seems to slow down…and this picnic was one of those times and will be one of those memories that are held in the highest regard.

The range of snacks that Organix create can be found on their website

The products listed in this review can be found here:

Cheesy pea snaps

Cheese and onion lentil hoops

Cocoa fruit and seed bites

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